We are telling a different story

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Fashion does not have to be just a superficial consumption and throw-away product – this is what the fast fashion industry has been telling customers for years.

We are telling a different story.

We are taking the reader into an inspirational world of craftsmanship and creativity. We immerse in cultures and styles, introduce people, places and quality products. Our focus is on presenting ideas and creatives, who impress and change with their style and actions – characterized by a fair, sustainable and respectful way of working.

Special emphasis lays primarily on small and independent brands and designers. A major part of our efforts will concentrate on the research of protagonists, for whom we create a suitable platform that gives them greater reach – especially in social media and a direct connection with consumers.

For us, leading and official seals of approval are not a requirement when assessing brands.


The fast fashion boom is over. The dominance of chain stores, fashion giants and a gigantic production empire in the Far East are increasingly being questioned and criticized. The market is reshaping: a fundamental change in values in the fashion and consumer world.

Sustainability was the first anchor point of a strongly criticized industry. Caused by climate change and increasing reports of and about serious environmental pollution. Far too late, Rana Plaza drew attention to further grievances. It’s not just about nature, it’s also about people and humanity. About working conditions, appreciation at eye level and fair cooperations from which not only one side benefits and is seen and the other leads a dark shadowy existence. In this context, dignity is an important aspect for us.

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Numerous contemporary designers, collections and brands flood the market and inspire with concepts that cultivate a valuable approach to fashion. Traditional and culturally influenced handicrafts, rare vintage collections, circular fashion systems, recycled and upcycled fabrics – impressive one-of-a- kind designs and valuable attitudes towards consumption, environmental protection and fair social behavior. Their DNA is sustainable – their design is unique – their skills are professional.

They are pioneers, have know-how and ideas.

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